Official Wallet Addresses

Revoland has 10 Official Wallet Addresses (BNB Chain)
1. Institutional Investor (4% Monthly Release from July.2022) 0x0bacE9719EeE3e2b1b6F09b096D9760dDb25e98B
2. Private Sale (4% Monthly Release from July.2022) 0xF019791e714095361C987d9eff095d394001E6A0
3. IDO 0xaD9fB79Aa46D529A4505eD0C74514820c31cD75a
4. Liquidity for Exchanges 0xd0728e89758dE8B20A0382dBDB140a93be6C7571
5. Staking 0x6FC68bD02FFBb5dF316F35461c8529865578D2E9
6. Game Treasury 0xa1eb3bf9F5Ba9693d95a133f0D58A2883f418241
7. Advisor (4% Monthly Release from July.2022) 0xd202789CCb2ef24BB7dEB28b752a3298Dc6eFfE5
8. Eco fund 0xD039Af0839f59dCED4e7E37df9D843064335e828
9. Team (Lock-in period of 1 year, linear release for 5 years) 0xeB42F3085e32e5E6377A8Bbf779706cf62922d43
10. Abey Chain Liquidity (The balance of this wallet address will always be the same as the total amount of REVO on ABEY Chain) 0x8d58d4d0f8222fb09ec6d9ae405744d9eb623157