Economic Structure

Our strong belief is that a long-term sustainable economic structure should benefit all involved parties: gamers, developers, and other actors in the ecosystem. We want to be transparent with our business model, as we believe it is fair and built on sound principles that do not put users at any risk. Buying any assets from other users in the marketplace is completely optional, and contrary to many other games, when you buy something, you know exactly what you are paying for and can even resell it in the future. Part of the royalties collected from the marketplace will be distributed to a game treasury, which will be fully distributed back to the community through different types of rewards.
Community Treasury
The community treasury is a treasury holding different assets that are used to reward users in Revoland and create different types of incentives in the Revoland ecosystem. The community treasury will grow from the transaction royalties that are collected. The final split in transaction fees between the development team and the community treasury has yet to be decided. All assets in the treasury would be distributed to the community over time. As of now, we are looking at using community treasury funds for the following purposes:
  • Prize pools for the esports/league system;
  • Prize pools for major tournaments hosted by Revoland / Chain X Game; Community competition prizes;
  • The community could vote to allocate treasury funds to specific game-development projects;
  • Other incentives to contribute to the Revoland ecosystem.