Story Background

Hundreds of years ago, the Sea of ​​Heroes was a whole continent. There are different animal families on the continent. They live in various regions of the Revolutionary Continent and have unique talents of their own races. In addition to these animal families, there are of course many groups which have members of various races but live together harmoniously. Of course, there will also be some adventurers who pursuit the unknown alone. They will spend their whole lives to find the truth they are pursuing. These are microcosms of the revolutionary continent. Animals here have their own choices and ideas.
One day, the cow elder who was carrying out the alchemy prophecy was unable to detect the future of the Revolutionary Continent from the crystal ball and he saw from the ball that the Revolutionary Continent was split into scattered land pieces, and the split lands were filled with black tower-shaped objects. In order to find a way to save the world, the cow elder carefully studied the book of alchemy, which records the way to save the lost continent. "Go to the mysterious country of Buton Island in the east of the Sea of ​​Heroes. In the mysterious country, there is a heart of the continent shining with golden light. It is said that the heart of the continent can link all things in the universe. The owner can control the change of time and space at will and has the ability to reconstruct and connect the universe. However, the energy of the Continent Heart is not infinite. With the consumption of its energy, the Continent Heart will be depleted, and if the Continent Heart of the Revolutionary Continent is exhausted, the Revolutionary Continent will also result in destruction.” After this prophecy was over, the cow elder deduced the location of the mysterious country despite that he was exhausted. The final result pointed to the bustling animal city. The cow elder wrote his prophecy on the last page of the book of alchemy and went to Buton Island alone to search for the entrance to the mysterious realm. Ever since that day, there were no news coming after. One day, the cow patriarch learned all this after he found the book of alchemy of the cow elder, and let people disclose the news that the revolutionary continent will be destroyed in the future, and solution to all of this is hidden in the mysterious country of animal city. This news created quite a stir at the time, but as time passed, people gradually forgot about it.
The prophecy came true one day, a sudden submarine earthquake split the Sea of Heroes apart, and the mainland became scattered islands. Panic began to spread gradually. There was someone no one knew who he was, but he mentioned the news released by the cow family. The brave animals embarked on a journey to find the mysterious country in Animal City, while other animals continued to stay at home to defend their own land.
Since the earthquake, the Sea of Heroes seemed to have returned to original peace. However, no one knew since when they could always hear a mysterious roar. After each roar, the residents of the Sea of Heroes and other islands suffered different misfortune, and each time no one was spared. Soon, everyone thought that this was a curse brought by the god, and a dark atmosphere filled the entire revolutionary continent. The animals hope that the heroes who went to the mysterious country would return with answers.
The descendants of the penguins who returned from sailing told everyone about their ancestors’ experiences in the tavern: when the patriarch penguin was sailing one day, the sea was covered by fog. When the patriarch penguin was looking for the direction with the telescope on the mast, he found a dazzling light from the east. Following this light, the penguin fleet found the patriarch cow drifting on the canoe on the sea.
After rescuing him, they found that the cow patriarch was covered in bumps and bruises and there was glass with golden shards in his bag. According to the cow patriarch, after he went to the mysterious sea of ​​Buton Island, he found pieces of golden light floating on the sea, and the cow elder found that each piece had the ability to change the trajectory of time and space. The cow patriarch guessed that this is the heart of the mainland according to legend. When he picked up the shards, he sensed that the shards had very powerful energy. The descendants of the penguins collected the fragments of the cow patriarch and handed them over to different families for safe keeping and asked the cow family to check the alchemy book again to find out if there are more clues about the heart of the continent.
With the continuous reading and interpretation of the alchemy book by the cow family, the context of this incident has gradually become clear. The Heart of the Continent is the energy hub of the revolutionary continent and has unpredictable power. The power that is known by the public is to manipulate time and space, but each time you use it, it will consume the power gathered by the heart of the continent. When the power is exhausted, the revolutionary continent will face the fate of destruction.
Soon after the cow family spread the news, the Revolutionary Alliance appeared. The purpose of their establishment is to find the Heart of the Continent to save the life of the Revolutionary Continent. At the same time, there was another group of people who does not care that using the Heart of the Continent will result in the depletion of the Sea of Heroes, because gaining power is their goal. As for the destruction of the Revolutionary Continent after gaining power, they don't care. The rest groups believe that this rumor needed to be confirmed. They gathered together to form an adventure alliance. Although they cannot judge the authenticity of the news, but they should not be too hasty about things that are closely related to life. They hope to find the heart of the continent first, and then decide how to deal with it after verifying the information. In this way, the adventurers who went to the mysterious country were divided into three groups, and they all searched for the heart of the continent for their own goals and pursuits.
There are many crises in the mysterious country, and if you are not careful, you might encounter a hunter wearing black mask and is an unknown creature with a strange looking. This will inevitably lead to a thrilling duel. After entering the mysterious country, it seems that you have come to a whole new world, with thorny forests, frozen ice fields, hot deserts, as well as a city in the sky and an unpredictable underwater world. Animals can travel between islands, gather holy fruit, find dragon eggs, check totems, and guard treasures. Every island is mysterious and full of dangers. If you are not careful, you might meet treasure hunters like yourself. In the adventure journey, a totem may bring key clues, a trap may lead to injury and difficulty to move forward, and who is the person chosen by god that will decide the fate of the revolutionary continent?